Thank you for visiting I’m Miki, designer and owner of Mikibijoux, and I would like to tell you a little bit of how my love of gemstones started over a decade ago. It was in a geology class that I became enamored with labradorite, garnet and the versatile quartz, among many others.  Around the same time, a good friend who was a seasoned jewelry designer, introduced me to the fine craft of jewelry making, and I was hooked! What first started out as a hobby soon became something of an obsession, and I’ve spent countless numbers of hours learning about gemstones and perfecting my skill.

If I would have to describe my pieces, I would say that they possess a delicate, understated elegance. My inspiration for this often comes from the stunning patterns I find in the natural world, as I am an avid nature enthusiast and hiker.  I also love incorporating vintage findings, resulting in unique creations. Although my designs have changed over time, one feature of my works has remained the same: I always use the highest quality of gemstones, vermeil and sterling silver.  

For many years I’ve been selling my designs in high end salons on Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan, yet I have always dreamed of making my pieces available to a wider clientele. It’s been a long journey and definitely a labor of love, but I’m thrilled to finally provide that opportunity with For me, the joy of creating, of coming up with new patterns and ideas never ceases, and those new designs will be added periodically, so please come back and come back often. Here’s hoping that you will find a piece, or two, here that will give you the same joy and delight when you wear it.